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4 Important Elements to Consider before Exiting Your Business

When we all set out on our business journey, very few of us start by thinking about how we are going to eventually...

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Top 5 Costs to be Aware of When Employing Staff

So, your business has grown from being a one-man band micro-business and you are ready to start employing staff. You...

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Business Structure Pros and Cons to Consider Before Starting Up

When starting a new small business one of the first decisions to make is which structure to utilise. The decision can...

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Managing Risk in Your Business

When you first start out in business it seems like there are so many things to do just to try and get up and running....

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Understanding Key Differences Between an Employee and a Contractor

This issue has seen many individuals, plus the organisations they contract to, get into a deal of bother with the tax...

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Made Profit, so Where’s the Cash?

It’s time for the annual meeting with your tax accountant and he has advised you of a fairly hefty tax bill as you made...

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Why Bother With Cash Flow Forecasting?


Cash is king right? How many times have you heard that cliché since you started your business? As easy as it is to...

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