End Of FY Income Tax Return Checklists

by Melvyn Gilbert | Jul 10, 2018 | Blog

 Click on the checklist that applies to you below to find out what you need to have ready pre-tax lodgment .



While it can be tempting to put off completing your tax return, the sooner you know what your tax liability is, the better you can budget to pay and lodge at a time that best suits your business and you.


ATO changing GST collection for some property transactions

by Melvyn Gilbert | Jun 25, 2018 | Blog

As of the 1st of July 2018, those who purchase new residential premises or potential residential land need to withhold an amount from the purchase price and pay it directly to the ATO on or before settlement.


Dinesh takes charge as the President of Wanneroo Business Association

by Melvyn Gilbert | Jun 19, 2018 | Blog

We are excited to have our Managing Director, Dinesh Aggarwal, as the new president of the prestigious Wanneroo Business Association (WBA). The new board was appointed during the AGM held on 18th of July 2018 and was witnessed by members of the Wanneroo small business community. The city of Wanneroo Mayor- Tracy Roberts also graced the occasion.


Fortuna at the Australian Accounting Awards 2018

by Melvyn Gilbert | Jun 06, 2018 | Blog

A remarkable effort indeed!

We are proud to have emerged as finalists in 3 categories of the prestigious Australian Accounting Awards 2018 :


Do you Import low value goods? If so, this one’s for you!

by Melvyn Gilbert | May 07, 2018 | Blog
  • Are you a small business importing goods worth over A$1,000 from overseas?

  • Are you registered for Australian goods and services tax (GST)?

  • Then you must know that, from 1 July 2018, (GST) will apply to sales of such low value goods.

For more information on what this means for your business, click the link Here.



ATO Cracks down on FBT Lodgements

by Melvyn Gilbert | May 02, 2018 | Blog

When it comes to fringe benefits tax (FBT), a simple mistake or omission can attract the ATO’s attention. Small businesses are encouraged to be mindful of focus areas that provide clarity in their reporting obligations and entitlements to avoid penalties from the statutory agency.


Single Touch Payroll – How will that affect my Business?

by Melvyn Gilbert | Apr 10, 2018 | Blog

Starting from the 1st of July 2018 employers with 20 or more employees will have new reporting obligations regarding payroll processes through Single Touch Payroll (STP).


Cryptocurrency – Now Under the AUSTRAC Scanner

by Melvyn Gilbert | Apr 06, 2018 | Blog

As of the 3rd of April 2018, AUSTRAC (the government body in Australia which keeps a tab on money laundering and terror related activities) has placed new rules governing cryptocurrency transactions to provide greater transparency for regulators. Now transactions involving cryptocurrency will need to be signed up and logged onto a new Digital Currency Exchange Register. AUSTRAC requires that...


ATO: Australian residents & non-residents to disclose all foreign income or face stiff penalties.

by Melvyn Gilbert | Mar 21, 2018 | Blog

All Australian residents who receive overseas income, or non-residents receiving Australian income, ought to ensure that they report such income to the local tax authorities to avoid stiff penalties. The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) legislation that sets the bar for foreign tax residents regarding the exchange, collection and reporting of financial account information came into effect on 1...


Issues affecting Australian businesses in 2018

by Melvyn Gilbert | Mar 06, 2018 | Blog

Several key changes will affect Australian workplaces this year, including the commencement of the mandatory data breach notification regime and the replacement of the 457 visa program.


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