Financing your Entrepreneurial Venture - An Overview

by Melvyn Gilbert | Apr 15, 2019 | Blog

Considering that Australia has a comparatively high percentage of people who are currently aspiring to start their own business over the next 5 years, this topic is highly contemporary and one much sought after.

One is correct in assuming that most successful businesses have a robust plan and thus, as a first set of action, one should put their thoughts down on paper. A Business Plan provides...


The Fake Invoice SCAMS- 2 Things you can do to avoid fraud.

by Dinesh Aggarwal | Apr 10, 2019 | Blog

Many businesses have yet again fallen prey to cyber-criminals with a new scam that has fooled them into losing millions of dollars. The latest scam concerns fake invoices that are made to look as realistic as possible, sent from a legitimate-looking email address and showcasing many of the signs of real invoices.


Passing of Superannuation after death

by Stephen Gethin | Apr 01, 2019 | Blog

The critical objective of estate planning is to ensure that the right people get your assets after you pass away. Traditionally this is done via a Will; however, it is now common for a third or more of a family’s wealth to be in superannuation, which is not automatically covered by your will.


On the Streets with the Fortuna Foundation Team

by Melvyn Gilbert | Feb 21, 2019 | Blog

Meet Skewie. Yesterday, we had dinner with our friend, Skewie.

He is a mid-aged guy with four grown-up kids. When he found that his beloved was cheating on him, he decided to leave home. He has been homeless from nearly four years now and can pretty much always be found near IGA at Leederville. “She is their mother…I have never told my children and I don’t intend to”…


What to do if you get Audited by the ATO

by Dinesh Aggarwal | Feb 18, 2019 | Blog

Does panic set in the moment you receive a call from the ATO or your Accountant telling you that you are about to have your taxes audited? If it does, and you lose your sense of control & begin stressing, the first thing to do is just stop and breathe. Many times, its not what you think it is and you may have a few options on the table should you undergo an audit anyway.


What happens if a person dies without a Will?

by Stephen Gethin | Jan 21, 2019 | Blog

It is a topic that no one likes to think about, but the importance of making a proper Will cannot be emphasised enough.

If a person dies without leaving a Will this is known as dying “intestate”. This can also happen if a person has a will, but the Will is invalid because, for example they did not have proper mental capacity or if the formal requirements for a valid will have not been met.


FIFO Workers: What to Do to Avoid a Financial Disaster

by Louise Davies | Jan 08, 2019 | Blog

Given the previously seen volatility of the resources sector in WA, our expert Financial Planner, Louise Davies is warning those who have jobs as high paid fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers to spend wisely and make a financial plan or face some dire consequences.


Improving business efficiency in 2020 – 7 ‘killer’ tips

by Dinesh Aggarwal | Dec 19, 2018 | Blog

The New Year is the perfect time for organisations to reassess their operations, and to implement new and more efficient processes.

If done correctly, this will lead to better productivity and greater profits, as well as more satisfied customers and better employee morale.


Seven tips to travel on a budget

by Melvyn Gilbert | Dec 16, 2018 | Blog

Careful planning can help you enjoy a great holiday, whatever your budget.Does it feel like ages since your last holiday? Maybe with responsibilities like paying off your credit card, saving for your first home, or paying back your university fees, your next holiday still seems a long way off…


The No-Plastic Challenge – spend using cash only

by Louise Davies | Dec 05, 2018 | Blog

In an environment where we rely on our plastic cards so much, one of our professional financial experts has gone bank-card free in an effort to show how we can win with battle of budgeting.


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