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Leasing new business premises? DON’T sign that Offer to Lease…

When selecting new leased premises, tenants must be careful of two critical issues in the ‘Offer to Lease’ (OTL). The...

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When should you update your Will?

While no list can capture every scenario where changing your will would be desirable, the list below covers most cases...

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Insurance in Superannuation – The hidden trap that could leave you vulnerable

Many Australians have a false belief that the insurance policy they hold within their superannuation funds will protect...

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Understanding Your Pension after Retirement in Australia

Are you looking to retire soon? - Knowing how much you’ll need to live comfortably in retirement can be a challenge.

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The Million Dollar Question - Buy or Rent?

Owning a house has long since been an Australian dream. The process was the same; rent at first, save for a deposit...

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Black-tie dinner to end homelessness – Really?

Fancy dining experiences and black-tie functions seem to be somewhat becoming a trend in fundraising lately. However,...

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Standing up to the ATO: Fortuna Advisory Group wins $0.5 million tax objection

Fortuna Accountants & Business Advisors along with Fortuna Legal combined to successfully object to an amended...

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Which Type of Super Fund is Right for You?


Every working Australian has it, we all need it, but not all of us take the time to think about exactly...

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What are Variable Home Loans all about?

When considering a home loan, you need to decide on the type of loan to apply for. Because of their flexibility and low...

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