The Changing World of Alternate Investments

by Josh Horneman | Mar 20, 2021

Too Hard To Understand" Is No Longer An Excuse.

In the world of alternate investments, many-a-times, the layperson is met with the challenge of understanding a more complex investment instrument. This is further complicated by the rise of technology. This advent is driving alternate investment opportunities in areas previously not understood by the wider population or too hard to access due to the "sophisticated investor" tag limiting the ordinary man on the street.

Yet on the other hand, it is spreading like wildfire into every facet of the world that we live in. The rise of the Millennials, born into this world of rapid change and technology, will continue to expedite the adoption of such technologies and they will lead our world into the next era.

Cryptocurrency is the perfect example of this as it has made people who started with a few hundred dollars are now worth millions or billions of dollars, thanks to the creation of a 24/7 market that is globally accessible as long as you have a decent internet connection. It still remains to be seen how the world regulators will respond, with China having led its launch of its own digital yuen.

Other emerging areas include gaming and the many forms of online storytelling (film/TV/YouTube/social media platforms) where the monetisation of content is moving away from the multi-layered studio/agent/manager model and is now able to be direct between the creator and their audience.

Performers only need a camera, microphone and the ability to edit, coupled with the tenacity to stick it out until something pops. Generally, the audience is hungry, always wanting more, and they are loyal once they find you so the ability to drive revenue is always expanding. 

Online, anyone can become an expert if they consistently know just slightly more, if only 1% more than the audience they are "teaching". People can charge for this expertise through PayPal/Stripe or even take crypto for it. This is a type of direct transaction from peer to peer, all in the name of knowledge
Another fast-moving change which society faces today that will radicalise online purchases is the one-click payment gateways that make buying even easier. Apple's App Store is an example of this - your face is all you need to activate an in-app purchase. Facial and voice recognition software has today stretched our imaginations to a future we once only watched in Sci-Fi film. The ripple effect of facial recognition radicalising the way we do business will be seen in many other industries, be it security or even the consumer markets.

Interestingly, the revenue streams from these mediums are constant. The world is always “switched on” when it comes to technology. Gone are the days of claiming not to understand, it is now a matter of time before you are left totally in the dark if you don't try to understand. 

As we know, although the risk is still high, and with such minimal regulations today, the opportunity can be immeasurable.

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