7 Strategies to Differentiate You from the Pack

Beyond significant events which force us to unlearn, learn and re-learn to evolve and adopt as the environment changes around us, we are subconsciously attuned to ignore these signals of evolution and opt to seek solace in a self-determined comfort zone.

We do this, despite knowing the comfort zone is constantly evolving as the environment changes.

This is especially so in business; where our livelihood depends on it and hence, have the innate need to control and enable every aspect of our businesses. We do this to ensure the business remains stable, sustainable and grows.

Whilst control in business is absolutely essential to the mission of business stability, sustainability and growth, this kind of control becomes counter-intuitive as long as we adopt the role of the controller and enabler within the business.

More suited therefore is a durable, robust and agile mechanism and tools to facilitate business stability, sustainability and growth through effective:

1. Strategies,

2. Structures and

3. Systems

The purpose is to enable the business entity to operate independently of any personality and emotional fluctuations, permitting it to perform on its own merits to survive and sustain itself.

And, thus, allowing for stability and sustainability.

The Strategies, Structures and Systems you put in place helps clearly identify the various moving parts within the core of your business model and the “essential nutrients” required for each part to perform efficiently within the business.

This mechanism enables you, the business owner, to “hunt and gather” the essential nutrients to feed the business entity; giving it the ability to remain relevant and more importantly, fuel growth as the business and the environment evolves.

Inevitably when issues and challenges arise, this same mechanism helps in isolating problem areas quickly allowing you to fix them before they get out of hand.

The “essential nutrients” are the strategies, when applied, through the 3 Core areas of the business and into the 9 moving parts, enhance your ability to set the direction and trajectory of your business.

These strategy tools ignite the differentiation and optimisation opportunities available within your business model and pave the room for growth.

The 7 strategies which we can confidently apply to any number of the fifty plus business models. we interact with frequently have created small businesses into enormously successful organisations in various industries locally and around the world.

This enormity, as an unintended by-product, creates the intimidation which holds most small businesses (competitors) back. Which moves you away from the pack.

The aim is not to outwit the giants but rather to understand the core of the business in manageable chunks, peeling the layers and ensure continuity, sustainability and growth opportunities are not missed or overlooked. This understanding gives way to simplification rather than complication.

Installing one or a combination of these 7 strategies to achieve the seemingly unreachable growth levels becomes a progressive process and not a race.

At our upcoming webinar, we take a closer look at these 7 Strategies to help Differentiate Your Business from the Pack and Grow with a sense of clarity & learn how to:

- Dissect & Understand the core focus areas of your business

- Identify and leverage opportunities within the core

- Use External & Internal Levers to Complement Your Business Model

- Discover and Create clear Differentiators 

- Ease ahead of the Competition

These ideas, tools and experience will serve you anytime you face the 3 common challenges businesses encounter at some point; CONTINUITY, SUSTAINABILITY & GROWTH. Find out more at our upcoming webinar and register today.


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